Tuesday, January 6, 2009

back to school and army news

Christopher and Nicholas headed back to school today following their Winter Breaks.  It was the first time that I've been solely in charge of getting them both to and from school as Jacob normally handled that duty!  It went well but was a lot of in and out of the car!!  Christopher gets dropped off at 7:50a.  Then Nick gets walked all the way into his class at 9:00a.  Christopher is picked up at 11:00a and Nick at 11:30a.  And the other two just come along for the ride!  Both boys were excited to be back in school!!

I heard from Jacob again tonight.  He found out today that he will in fact be heading to Fort Leonard Wood tomorrow!  We're very excited that he will get to do his training where he was supposed to be.  He should be starting OSUT (basic and advanced training combined) on Friday!

He sounded tired on the phone and said he's not getting a whole lot of sleep.  He also has what is commonly referred to as "the crud".  Most people get a cold during basic training and it hangs around for a while due to the lack of sleep and intense physical exertion.  Hopefully he feels better soon!

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