Thursday, January 1, 2009

the family

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the Albaeck family
Jacob: He enlisted in the US Army and left for basic training at the end of December 2008. He graduated from Military Police OSUT and Airborne school in 2009.  He spent a year deployed to Iraq with the 108th Military Police CO and then got hurt after returning to the US.  Now he's retired from the Army and finishing up his degree while working as a children's pastor at a local church.
Jennifer: She's a stay-at-home mom to five.  Her days are filled with trips to Target (almost daily!), cleaning, laundry, and laughter.  In her spare time she plans countless vacations (and even gets to go on some of them!).

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Christopher: He's almost twelve and is enjoying his role as the oldest in the Albaeck house. He's in sixth grade this year and thriving. In his free time he loves playing outside with his friends and creating projects on his computer!
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Nicholas: He is ten and is still quite the handful! He's in fourth grade now and is having a phenomenal year.  He loves to talk and would be content to chat ALL DAY LONG about the weather (cumulonimbus clouds), science, or whatever random thing is on his mind.  His newest hobby is learning to write computer code.

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Benjamin: He's eight and the baby boy of the house.  He's in second grade this year and loving it!  His current faves are Captain America, trains, legos, and following his brothers around (or picking on his sisters).

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Alexandra: AKA Lexie.  She's seven and thinks she rules the house. She talks up a storm and is VERY opinionated, but is our sweet little girl, all at the same time.  She started first grade this year and is so excited to finally be a "grader"!
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Elizabeth: AKA Ellie.  She's one and a half and is the littlest Albaeck kiddo.  She's such a ham and loves making everyone laugh and she adores her big brothers and sister.

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  1. Hey Jenny and Jacob! What a beautiful family you have! Can't believe it was so long ago that we worked at the ice arena together :) -Kristen Shoup


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