Friday, April 3, 2009

sugar bowl

Sugar Bowl, in Old Town Scottsdale, has always had a special place in my heart. My grandparents used to take my Mom there when she was little and my Grandma started taking me when I was little. Every time I would spend the night at her house, we would go to Sugar Bowl for lunch the next day. And we ALWAYS had the same order. Grandma ALWAYS had a Camelback Soda, a reuben, and a sundae for dessert. I ALWAYS had a shake, a BLT, and a sundae for dessert. :)

A lot of my memories of my Grandma center around Sugar Bowl- it was that big of a part of our lives! Growing up, many events and special occasions were celebrated with a trip to Sugar Bowl- sometimes for lunch, and sometimes just for ice cream. Jacob and I even went to Sugar Bowl the days that we found out Christopher and Nicholas were boys.

Since Sugar Bowl played such a big part in my life, I was excited to pass it on to my children. We went for lunch with my parents and Janne. In the four and a half years since I'd last been there, Sugar Bowl changed, A LOT! While the front of the restaurant was the quaint 1950s ice cream parlor that I remembered, the back of the restaurant had changed; it was expanded into the next space and an arcade was put in. We were relegated to the back of the restaurant (because of the four kids?) where it completely lacks the ambiance of the original Sugar Bowl. The whole experience reminded me of a visit to Chuck E Cheese, complete with overpriced, mediocre food. While everyone had a good time, it was definitely not the Sugar Bowl experience of my youth, and I don't think that I'll be returning.

Benjamin loved his grilled cheese!

Christopher and Auntie Janne

Lexie's 1st Sugar Bowl ice cream

Ben was so excited!!

Christopher and Auntie Janne both got a Mint Chip cone.

Grandpa and his hot fudge sundae.

Nick digs in to his chocolate with rainbow sprinkles!!

Mommy and Lexie


  1. It's too bad that Sugar Bowl isn't what it used to be. Sometimes progress isn't progress... cute pics of everyone, though!

  2. I love the Sugar Bowl. It's right by my Grandma's house, so we like to go over there when I visit!

  3. Hey, if it had been in the regular restaurant, I'll bet it would have been better. But it was fun that the kids got to go... too bad they just wanted to play the arcade games!


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