Friday, June 5, 2009

airborne school: ground week

Jacob is at Fort Benning (in Georgia) now for Airborne school.  He started the three-week class on Monday and seems to be having fun so far!

During the first week, students encounter daily physical fitness and basic parachutist training. They are taught how to wear the parachute harness and how to use special training apparatus. The mock door allows the student to learn the proper method of exiting an aircraft; the parachute landing fall platform assists the student in developing proper parachute landings; the lateral drift apparatus develops the proper technique for controlling the parachute during descent; and the 34-foot tower exposes the student to the physical sensation of the actual jump.

A preview of next week (Tower Week):

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  1. just found your blog through High heels and combat boots!

    glad i did. my hubby was at airborne school in the same place 2 years ago and LOVED it!!

    hope it's going well for your hubby too!



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