Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the house is packed

Today the movers came and packed up our house for the move to Fort Bragg. They arrived at about 9am and surprisingly, the kids were very excited! It was a team of three; one started in the basement, one upstairs, and one in the kitchen. We stayed in the living room/dining room most of the day and the kids played with the world's greatest toy: moving boxes!

Ben LOVED the box. He sat in it with his sippy for half an hour straight-- with it all closed up!

Nick was able to coax Lexie into the box with the flashlight as a bribe.

Lexie soon discovered that there were other things to play with in the living room besides the silly old box.

"Give the baby kisses!"

Who's the pretty girl in the mirror?

Christopher helped pack by dragging a step stool around and pretending to move things.

As a special treat, the movers left a couple of the big boxes for the boys to play in. Tonight, Christopher and Nicholas are sleeping in theirs on the floor in our room. What a fun slumber party!!



  1. Ft. Bragg was where my first baby was born. Busy post but lots to do. Spent many of nights waiting at the drop zone for hubby. Glad I ran across you blog.

  2. Ben is a boy after my own heart... I remember someone sticking ME in a box and leaving me there! :P

  3. The box sleepover looks like a blast. I love your family's blog, they're always so happy.


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