Tuesday, June 16, 2009

target and the tornado

On Wednesday we headed to Target with my mom. It was just like any other trip to Target except it started raining on the drive over. She ran into JoAnn's (next door to Target) for some thread to fix Zebra. As soon as she got inside, the tornado sirens started and a tornado warning was issued for our area......

She found the thread and got in line. When Jo-Ann's announced over the intercom that everyone needed to make their way to the back of the store, she left the thread on the counter and ran out to the car. We drove over to Target and then we all ran inside and to our beloved Starbucks. Miss Kerry quickly made our drinks and Miss Dana ran to get cookies before Target announced that everyone needed to proceed to the back of the store.

So, with our Misto's in hand as well as round one of cookies, we went to the back of Target.

Christopher, Miss Kerry, Nicholas

Now let me tell you, there is absolutely NO better place to be than Target during a tornado. Not only are you in a big building (which in my head is MUCH safer than our basement), but you have lots of things to play with and are surrounded by loved ones (in our case at least!).

Ben and Lexie with round 2 of cookies

The kids with Miss Kerry

We were in the back of the store (near the storage ottomans and end tables) for almost an hour. The boys ran around and played, Miss Jenny took pictures, Miss Hannah played games, Miss Kerry colored, and Miss Dana turned into the tickle monster.

Grandma paced around the back aisle while getting weather updates from Grandpa

Lexie was content to sit in the cart and play the whole time. She ate a few cookies, played with a paper towel, and entertained everyone that passed by.

Ben is going to miss Miss Dana when we move. I think she's his favorite!! And I think he is her favorite too!! :)

In the end, the tornado never made it up to where Target is. But we had a fun afternoon playing at Target with all of our friends!!

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