Thursday, July 9, 2009

fun in the car

We started our move to Fort Bragg on Monday by driving to St Louis. Ben kept us entertained in the car by hiding under blankets- preferably Lexie's. Then he would start laughing hysterically.

Silly Ben

We stopped at Taco John's for breakfast in Kansas. Everyone was ready for a nap when we got back in the car.
Ben stole Daddy's drink.

And then fell asleep.

On Tuesday we drove to Charleston WV. We walked around the mall to stretch our legs after a long day in the car. Wednesday we drove to Chesapeake VA. We drove past Busch Gardens (Williamsburg) but sadly, we didn't stop.

Videos of Lexie's newest (and favorite) word!!


  1. someone was NOT happy you took her frosty!

    oh, and you need to update your sidebar... Lexie IS walking! I can't wait to see pics of your new place - and hopefully we're heading East soon, too... :(

  2. I love that you've added video clips! Makes it seem almost like we were there...


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