Sunday, August 23, 2009

503rd mp battalion day

Arnette Park

Thursday was the 503rd MP Battalion Day at Arnette Park. Jacob's Company and all of the other Companies in the 503rd, along with their families, met for a fun day at the park. There were softball games, volleyball games, and even a few rounds of tug-of-war. Our kids had the most fun playing at the playground.

Christopher pretending to be Captain Jack Sparrow

Trying to climb up the slide like the boys!

The slide was Ben's favorite, and he went down it over and over!

Lexie went down the slide with a little help from Daddy.

Nick kept trying to go down "creatively"

The boys are getting so big, Ben can use a BIG swing now, and Christopher can pump all on his own!!

Going down the slide with Daddy!! :)

Ben taking a break on the alligator stairs.

"Hmmm.... all the boys know how to go up the ladder?!"

"I'm sure I can get this!!"

Look at the spiders we have here in NC!!

After a few hours of running around the playground, it was time for lunch. There was a huge barbeque with hamburgers and hotdogs, chips, and a HUGE variety of baked goods (all donated by our local Food Lion)! The kids were excited to have a picnic!!

Look at those curls!! :) And yeah, bad mommy alert, I know she shouldn't be eating hotdogs whole!!

But Ben does, so she has to too! :)

Playing on the playground wore Nick out!!

And she did eat the bun once the hotdog was gone!

Christopher finishing up his hotdog.

We had a great day at the park and can't wait to go back for the next 503rd Battalion Day!!


  1. #1- The kids look A LOT older... the pics of Ben & Lexie made me sad- then Nick on the slide made me LAUGH!! That's so Nick!

    #2- I can't believe how curly Lexie's hair is! CUTE!!!

    #3- I don't like those spiders...

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