Saturday, October 24, 2009

historic hauntings

On Friday night we headed into downtown Fayetteville for some holiday fun. We stopped at Hamburger Heaven for a quick dinner, walked down to the Cupcake Gallery to get cupcakes to go and then headed to the meeting point for our Historic Hauntings Hayride. We were a bit early so the kids had fun running around!



Lexie had fun posing for pictures.

And Nick was dancing in the street! (Well, technically the sidewalk)

Christopher and Lexie

Christopher is getting so big!


A rare picture of all 4 of the kids together- although Ben's running away! :)

After we checked in, we found a table and listened to some music. Nick was very excited because the singer did a Johnny Cash medley with two of his favorite songs (Folsom Prison Blues and Ring of Fire).

Daddy and Ben

Lexie enjoyed dancing in the dirt.

Once it was our turn, we boarded the tractor-trailer and sat on bales of hay for the hayride. The kids were very unsure about the idea of riding around on hay. We received a safety briefing (it's an Army town after-all) and then we were on our way.

We're ready to go!!

Our first stop was the historic Kyle House. The house was built on the site of the original Fayetteville Academy that burned in the fire of 1831 (along with the rest of Fayetteville). It took 7 years to complete the house. The walls are 18 inches thick- two rows of brick filled with sand which makes it sound proof and fire proof. Legend has it that Kyle loved his house so much that he never left.... even in death!

The beautiful Kyle House

The staircase was very unusual for that time-period in the South. It takes up a greater amount of space than the more traditional staircase with a landing. But it was beautiful and Kyle's pride and joy.

The house had amazing 16 foot ceilings!! Just think of the Christmas tree that it could accommodate!!

Lexie on the front porch of the Kyle House.

The house looked eerie in the moonlight.

After the Kyle House our hayride continued and we learned about a duel in Reconstruction-era Fayetteville and visited Cross Creek Cemetery where Confederate soldiers are buried. We had a great time learning more about the history of Fayetteville and the hayride will become an annual tradition.

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  1. I have several comments:
    1- Your kids are getting sooooo big! Christopher looks ready for jr high.
    2- I love the pic of the four of them- You can tell their personalities from that picture =)
    3- I want to live in the Kyle House- it's gorgeous! And I don't believe i ghosts or haunted houses so it should be no problem.


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