Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4: goodbye grandma!

Today we had another tearful goodbye with Grandma (my mom). She headed back to AZ after a fun-filled week here in North Carolina (pictures to come soon).

It was an eventful trip to the airport. She had a SuperShuttle scheduled for 12:30p for her 4:15p flight out of Raleigh (a little over an hour from the house). They called at noon to tell her they couldn't be there to pick her up and recommended that she took a cab!

After talking to the supervisor for awhile, SuperShuttle said that they could be at our house at 1:30p which should give her JUST enough time to make her flight.

I left at 1:30p to go pick up Christopher from school and when I got back home at 2:05p, Grandma was still standing on the front porch!! The driver was at the wrong house and had no clue how to get around Fort Bragg. We threw Grandma's stuff in the car and raced to the airport. We dropped her off at 3:30p and she made her flight with MINUTES to spare!

The moral to the story is: Use SuperShuttle at your own risk! They may or may not pick you up!!

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