Sunday, February 14, 2010

breakfast in bed (or on the table)

Nick came home from school earlier this week with the idea that he was supposed to make me breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day. He told me ALL about it and then reminded me not to say anything because it was supposed to be a surprise. So this morning, Nick, along with Christopher, Ben, Lexie, and Jacob, got up and made breakfast.

Nick was convinced that ants on a log are an integral part of breakfast in bed.

I was surprised that Lexie was able to make one- although she ate most of the peanut butter herself!

Ben making ants on a log. :)

Christopher helped Jacob make the eggs! YUM!!

The finished product: French toast, waffles, ants on a log, eggs with sausage, coffee and chocolate milk. No- I didn't eat it all! :)

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