Sunday, June 27, 2010

day 86: vbs bbq

All of the boys did Vacation Bible School (VBS) this week at St James Lutheran church in Fayetteville.  They were very excited to go, especially since we missed it last year because of the move.  And Ben was super excited that he was big enough to participate this year!!

So every morning this week Lexie and I dropped the boys off at 9am and then were ALL ALONE until noon!  We went to Starbucks every morning for a Misto and an apple juice- I'm sure they know our order now.  One morning we even went and got a pedicure- Lexie just sat on my lap and watched.  It was so different running errands with just one kid in tow- Hobby Lobby only took half an hour and I was able to look at everything I needed.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all the free time next year when Chris and Nick are in school all day and Ben has preschool!!

Chris, Nick, and Ben had a blast at VBS.  They made new friends and did lots of art projects.  We now have three new sets of bookends, picture frames, musical instruments, and weavings!  On Friday, they hosted a quick show of all the VBS songs plus lunch!  Lexie and I enjoyed watching the show and staying for lunch with the boys.

Awesome girl with her awesome "cheese" face

All the VBS kids and the lunch set-up

Ben wasn't big on the singing and dancing so he just stood there- just like all the other 3 year olds.

Christopher on the other hand, really got into it.

"Follow Your Footsteps"

We LOVE Watermelon
We LOVE watermelon!!

Watermelon Baby


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