Tuesday, July 27, 2010

day 116 (part two): care package catch-up

One fun side to deployment is getting to put together care packages for Jacob.  I've lost count of how many packages we've sent, but I'm guessing he's in the running for the most mail/packages received!  Sometimes we send boxes of the necessities he's asked for, sometimes it's boxes (or two, or three!) full of microwavable food, and sometimes, they're fun boxes with lots of random, entertaining things!

Random/Get Well Soon
A random snack box.  And a "Get Well Soon" package.

4th of July CP
4th of July Fun!!

Movie Night
Movie Night: Jacob ordered an external hard drive and had it sent to our house.  Then I loaded it up with over 200 of our movies (talk about time consuming!!) and sent it off to him!


  1. that's amazing! and, cool decorative boxes! it's fun surprise for sure!


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