Wednesday, July 7, 2010

day 96 (part two): happy 4th of july

Party Time!

Since the boys are deployed, some wives (and out of town family) from the unit came over to our house for a BBQ on 4th of July.  It was a great time with great food and great friends!  Luckily, Katie and Nicole knew how to start the BBQ (because I have no clue) and they were in charge of manning the grill and making some awesome chicken!  While we were getting dinner ready, Christopher and Nick got their "Grandma" fix from Katie's mom- who is now looking forward to having grandchildren of her own (in a few years........)"!  And after dinner, we had a huge assortment of desserts.  I think most of our dessert plates were actually bigger than our dinner plates!!


We had fun playing baseball outside with the boys.  Christopher is getting really good and hits it out of the yard almost every time!  Jeanette was nice enough to be pitcher and Christie was the catcher-- poor Katie got stuck chasing all the balls in the outfield (and sun).  Ben and Lexie were playing "Starbucks" in their playhouse.  They use the windows as the drive-thru and take turns ordering/preparing drinks.  Maybe we go too often?!

Firework Fun

After dinner it was time to stake out a place for fireworks.  Fort Bragg does a HUGE 4th of July event every year.  By the time we got close to the site it looked like parking was over a mile away and there were TONS of people.  We ended up driving over by where the boys work and sitting on the grass in front of some barracks.  We had about an hour to kill before the fireworks and the kids had a blast running around playing.  Katie's mom was a great sport and served as the personal lawn chair for three small boys!

When the fireworks started all the car alarms in the parking lot went off!


After the 1812 Overture it was time for the fireworks!  It was definitely a good show- one of the best ones I've seen.  Nick, on the other hand, was not at all impressed because "they're not as good as the ones at Disney World".  He played with the Didj (handheld electronic game) the whole time.

Fireworks Finale


  1. Awesome fireworks pictures and video! It looks like you ALL had a good time.

  2. good times!!! Such great pics! Glad you were able to relax some and take those pics while we played with your kiddos. It was great! "Starbux" and all. :)


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