Monday, October 18, 2010

day 199: pumpkin patch

On Sunday we met up with some friends at Gross Farms for fall festivities and pumpkin picking. Our first stop was the Pumpkin Jump- a giant bouncy trampoline type thing. Lexie was petrified so Katie was good sport and took her on.

Pumpkin Jump
The Pumpkin Jump Crew: Ben, Nick, Katie, Lexie, and Christopher

We can jump high!
Look how high I can jump!!

Once everyone was thoroughly worn out from the Pumpkin Jump, we headed over to the hayride.  We got a great tour of the farm- the kids loved all the old busses and tractors- and a drive through the pumpkin patch.

Group Photo (minus Katie who took it): Nick, Chris, Luke, Stephanie, Ben, Jennifer, and Lexie

Big Boys
the big boys

Enjoying the Hayride
Lexie loved the hayride!!

I love you.
"Katie, I love you"--- Ben

After our hayride the kids played on the playground for awhile and the girls (and Luke) sat in the shade chatting.  We had a delicious snack of fried pickles and french fries (Nick was STARVING) and then headed out into the pumpkin patch to find the PERFECT pumpkin.

Ben and Lexie
Ben and Lexie trying to find the perfect pumpkin.  Ben's goal was a square pumpkin and Lexie was searching for a purple one.

Mr Handsome
Luke, also known as Mr Handsome

The kids with their pumpkins!

After our fun day at the farm we all headed to Cracker Barrel for a delicious dinner.  The kids were excited to have pancakes and sausage for dinner!!  It was another great day with great friends!

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  1. We love pumpkin patches and that looks like a great one. It was so nice meeting you in D.C. I'm really glad that you said hello! Minutes after you left, we had the incident with Henry watering the ivy along the side of the building and ... YIKES. It's probably a good thing that seven less people witnessed that!

    Your children are so beautiful and that little Ben steals my heart!


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