Thursday, December 9, 2010

day 251: decorating the tree

Normally we put up and decorate our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving (or a few weeks before like last year!).  This year, I decided that our 7.5 foot tree that fit perfectly in our house in Colorado looked short and sad in our house here in NC.  So we HAD to get a new tree and I waited too long to order it so it wasn't here in time for Thanksgiving.  Oops!!

The tree arrived a few days after Thanksgiving and I immediately set it up!  What a difference an extra foot makes!!  Our new tree looks so much happier and festive!!  So once the tree was all set up, Grandma (who was still in town!) and I got the kids all dressed in their Christmas jammies and we set to work decorating the tree.

All Four
Trying to get a good picture is hard when two of the four make funny faces AND have a horrible cold!

Opening this year's ornaments from Grandma & Grandpa

It was definitely entertaining decorating the tree this year as it was the first year that Ben and Lexie helped for more than 5 minutes!  While I was unwrapping ornaments and Grandma was taking pictures, the kids put most of the ornaments on the bottom half of the tree and most were hung 2 or 3 to a branch.  (There was some rearranging of ornaments after everyone went to bed!)

Look!  We do love each other!!

Much better group shots

The Tree
The finished tree!!

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  1. Gorgeous tree! And adorable munchkins! It was a memorable tree decorating to be sure!!


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