Wednesday, January 12, 2011

day 286: new bikes

The kids got new bikes and helmets from Santa this year and they were very eager to get outside and try them out.  So as soon as all of our Christmas snow melted we bundled everyone up and went outside to play!!

Ben and Lex Bikes

Ben is a pro at riding and took off as soon as Jacob got him all set up.  Lexie, on the other hand, couldn't quite grasp the concept of pedaling so she sat on her bike in the middle of the street for awhile and then pulled it into the grass and found something else to play with.  Guess we'll have to work on it a bit more with her.


Christopher seemed excited to try and ride his bike.  He's had a bike for years but still hasn't figured out how to ride it without training wheels.  He was very optimistic at first and then "sort of" fell and was done.  So his bike is currently sitting in the garage and he's "never going to ride it again!"


Nick's bike came with training wheels and he was off riding around our street!  He is the only child I have ever seen fall off of a bike with training wheels though.  After Christopher decided he wasn't ever going to ride his bike again, Nick tried it and was making progress so Jacob took the training wheels off Nick's bike.

He Can Do It!!

After a few tries Nick was riding on his own!!  He still needs help with starting but he can turn and stop!!  He thinks he's pretty cool because he can ride around our street and Christopher just has to watch from the sidelines.

Look Mom!!  I can do it!!


  1. That is so great! Go Nick! We need to work on Chris....can't have any of this quitter bueno.

  2. Ditto what Katie said- would a bribe work for Chris??? ;-)

  3. Awe...those are some pretty cool bikes for some pretty cool kids! Christopher~I believe in you...I know you can ride that awesome orange bike!


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