Saturday, February 26, 2011

day 331: fire antz game

A few weeks ago we went to a Fire Antz (hockey) game with Katie, Stephanie and Luke.  The Fort Bragg MWR was giving out free tickets so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and take all the kids to a game.

The boys patiently waiting for the game to start (and asking if it was time to eat yet every two minutes)

Lexie was very excited- she said she wants to play hockey when she grows up!!

Star Spangled Banner
The National Anthem- I'm not sure if they went all out with the Soldiers in ACU's holding the flags and the large flag on the ice because it was Military Appreciation night or if it's something that they always do- but I definitely appreciated it!

Fire Antz fans come in all shapes and sizes-- the grown adults dressed like "antz" that were entertaining to watch-- and the kids that cheered more during the free t-shirt giveaway during intermission than they did during the actual game.

We all had a great time at the game and would definitely go back.  While the level of play isn't quite what we're accustomed to (Av's or DU) everyone had a great time and asked when we could go again!!

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  1. We have a hockey team here called the Oilers...I have been to one game! Would like to go again! But you are right...not the same has a professional game!


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