Friday, March 4, 2011

day 337: happy birthday nick and grandpa! (in pictures)

This year for Nick's 6th birthday and Grandpa's 56th birthday we headed to the bowling alley on-post to bowl a few games!  Katie, Stephanie, and Luke came to celebrate too!!

Chris and Nick Bowling
Chris and Nick bowling.

Ben Bowling
Katie helped Ben every time it was his turn.

Lexie Bowling
Katie was a big help with Lexie too.  They even got a strike!!!

Bowling Butts
Bowling butts.

Birthday Boy
One of the birthday boys-- doing what he does best!

Grandma and Ben
Ben wasn't feeling well so he spent everyone else's turns sitting with Grandma

Mr Luke
Mr Luke being his handsome self.

Hair Fun
Lexie still thinks the fans are for blowing her hair.

The final score- at least for the kids' game.

After bowling we all went to Smokey Bones for dinner-- Nick wanted to share a rack of ribs with Grandpa!!  Then it was back to the house for cakes and presents!!

Mr Nick opening some birthday presents!!

Birthday Boys
The birthday boys (and Lexie) with their cakes-- cinnamon swirl and cheesecake!!

Yummy cakes!!!


  1. Butt - thanks a lot! :-/

  2. HAHA. Great pic of Dad and Ben :) Happy birthday Dad and Nick!

  3. Peyton has the shirt that Lexie has on. We must have good taste. :)


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