Sunday, August 21, 2011

happy 8th birthday, christopher!

We celebrated Christopher's 8th (oh, where does the time go?) birthday this month!  Per his request we went to see Smurfs in 3D and followed it with dinner at Mellow Mushroom- his fave pizza place!  We came home to do cake (brownie sundaes) and presents and HAAAAAD to do Christopher's yearly fake "surprise" party.  One of these years we'll have to do a real one a few weeks early!!  :)

It's MYYY birthday?!  I'm so surprised!!

Present Time!!
The birthday boy with his presents!

the little princess
Little Miss Lexie

big brother and little brother
Ben watching intently as Christopher opens presents and showing off his new glasses!

daisy mae
Daisy Mae

make a wish!
The birthday boy making a wish!!


  1. Where's Nick? And who is Daisy Mae? Was it an even trade???

  2. 1) Your dog looks yippy.

    2) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tie :)

    3) Happy Birthday, Christopher!!!


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