Sunday, August 21, 2011

swimming lessons

Fort Bragg does an amazing job offering an assortment of youth programs so all the kids did 2 sessions of swimming lessons this summer.  I loved that the lessons were every morning so the kids didn't have a chance to forget what they'd learned in the previous lesson.  We made great progress this summer-- especially since we haven't always had access to a pool so their swimming experiences were very limited.

Bubbles and Airplanes
Lexie blowing bubbles and doing airplanes with Teacher Robby.

Kicks and Airplanes
Ben working on kicking on his back and airplanes with Robby.

Big Boys Jumping
The big kids worked on jumping into deeper and deeper water until they could jump off the diving board.  Nicholas is fearless and jumped right in but it took Christopher 3 weeks until he'd jump on his own!

Splashing and Jumping
Ben and Lexie splashing and jumping!

Airplanes and Treading Water
Christopher perfected his airplanes and learned to tread water.

Ben and Lexie
Ben didn't like doing airplanes if it was sunny out-- luckily it was overcast most mornings!
Lexie kicking on her back.

Chris and Nick
On the last day all the kids got to go down the waterslide!

Flying Ben!
Ben's so light that he FLEW off the slide!

Lexie Sliding and Swimming
Lexie did too and then swam to the side!

After 4 weeks of lessons,  Christopher and Nicholas can swim almost independently and Ben and Lexie are much more comfortable in the water!!  We'll definitely be signing up for more swimming next summer!!

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