Tuesday, July 24, 2012

new house-- pre-drywall inspection

We were very excited to go out for the pre-drywall inspection as it had been a few weeks since we'd seen the house.  I'm not sure if all builders do this, but with Ryan Homes you have official meetings for pre-construction and pre-drywall and then again right before closing.  It's a great time to get questions answered and check on the progress!!

We were amazed to see that the siding was already going up!!

View from the master bedroom

Bonus room 

The kids had to stay in the car while we did the walk through-- good thing it wasn't too hot!

The master bathroom

Working on siding on the front of the house.  I'm so excited for this porch!!

Jacob and our realtor {in the orange hardhats) checking out the walkway

Hard at work!

It's crazy how quickly the house went up and how many changes there were in just a few short weeks.  Always something new and exciting to see!!

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