Wednesday, July 11, 2012

new house!!

Sooo........ We decided to buy a house.  And not just buy a house, but build a house.  Jacob will be getting out of the Army (ETSing) next year so we wanted to get situated and settled before that happened.  We went back and forth for awhile about where exactly we wanted to live for our post-Army life before deciding.

We love North Carolina (wayyyy more than we ever expected!) and wanted to stay, but did NOT want to stay in the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area.  While it's been fine and dandy for the past three years, I cannot image living somewhere permanently that only has one Target-- and not even a Super Target!!  So we decided on the Charlotte area, but needed to narrow it down a bit more than that.

After a few weekend trips to Charlotte (an amazing city) we decided on the town of Mooresville about a half hour north of Charlotte.  The town of Mooresville has an excellent school district, a great Main Street, a SUPER TARGET, and is close to lots of outdoor adventures at Lake Norman.

Once we decided where exactly we wanted to live, we had to find a house.  And we had to figure out if we wanted resale or a new house.  We looked, and looked, and looked, and decided to build with Ryan Homes.  We found everything we were looking for (and more!) with the Ravenna floor plan.
This is close to what the front of our house will look like (though different colors).  Ours also has the bonus room over the garage.

First Floor
First floor- we did get the Optional Island shown.

Second Floor
Second floor- we added the Optional Closet in the Bonus Room.

After we made all of our decisions about options and upgrades and picked out our lot, we got to sign A LOT of paperwork.  Our new house is about three hours away from our current house so instead of heading out there to sign the paperwork they emailed everything and we signed it over the phone on a conference call with our Sales Rep and Realtor.  Technology is amazing!!

A couple of weeks after we signed our papers we went out for the day to see the lot since it had been cleared.  It looked totally different without all the weeds!!

The rock is where the driveway will eventually be and the house sits more to the left.

Family picture while putting the "SOLD" sign on our lot!!

This lot is SOLD!!

The view from the backyard- at least until they build houses behind us.

Standing on what will be the driveway.  Just imagine a house behind them!!

The Albaeck crew-- excited for a new place to call home!!


  1. They must have been squinting into the sun! haha. But seriously, I love it! Where is our bedroom?! :) And... I am way jealous of your bathroom!!!!!!! :D More pics to come, yes?!

    1. Of course there will be more pics. LOL!! We have a guest room though it's not unpacked yet. But it will be by the time Mom and Dad come out!!

  2. Love, love, love it!!!!! Congratulations! And yes, we want MORE PICS!!!!!

  3. Congratulations!! Great home for a great family!! Enjoy your new adventure! Viv

  4. Congratulations! Forget it, Janne - it's our room! :-)

  5. Congratulations on the new house! The lot looks amazing! I love the view from the backyard! I can't wait to see more pics of it as it goes up!

    1. Thanks Kelly!! I love the view from the backyard too-- will be sad to lose some of it as other houses in the neighborhood go up.


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