Wednesday, August 8, 2012

new house- cabinets are in!!

One of the days that I had been waiting for throughout the whole process was cabinet day.  I could not wait to see what our cabinets looked like inside the house.  During the selection process we made our choice based on a 12x12 door so it was really exciting to see a bunch of cabinets together!  And luckily, we loved everything we picked out!!

6 10 12 017
Before we get to cabinets, the fireplace :) 

6 10 12 018
Kitchen cabinets are in!!  Dishwasher and sink go on the left, oven and microwave on the back, and the refrigerator on the right.

6 10 12 022
The kids' bathroom-- we didn't upgrade anything in here (other than getting the double sink) but I really like how it turned out!

6 10 12 023
Master bathroom vanity and garden tub

6 10 12 025
Railing and the upstairs hallway


  1. I am superbly jealous that you don't have to shower in your tub. Like, for real.

    It look gorgeous, my dear!

    1. Thanks Janne! It is sooooooo nice not having to shower in the tub!!

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