Thursday, October 11, 2012

saga of the new ride

We decided awhile back that it was getting close to time to replace our minivan.  Seven years and lots of cross-country drives had definitely taken their toll.  We spent a couple of months going back and forth on what exactly we wanted to get before deciding we would most likely go with the VW Routan.

After closing on the house- since you obviously don't want to make a big purchase while you're in the process of buying- we started looking more seriously.  We found what appeared to be a perfect fit (in terms of both price and features) in South Charlotte and headed down for a test drive!

The kids all fell in love as soon as they got in-- it has TWO dvd players and wireless headphones!!  We spent the next couple of hours signing paperwork and then we were on our way with our new (to us) VW!

Isn't she pretty??

Hers and his VW's :)

Our old van had integrated car seats in the middle row and the ones that we had in the back row were nearing their expiration date so we ordered new seats for everyone and waited patiently for them to arrive.  They showed up during the week while Jacob was at work so we headed to the fire department to get them installed.  The firefighters were nice enough to completely install all four seats since usually they just check to make sure you have them in right.  It didn't hurt that I had new Diono seats that they hadn't had a chance to play with yet!


While most of the crew was working on our carseats, one nice firefighter took the kids on a tour of the fire station.  We got to see the bedrooms, kitchen, and family room before heading out to check out the firetrucks!

Little Miss Lexie


The kids had a blast climbing all over and through the trucks.  They took turns pretending to drive and played with all of the buttons.  Being there reaffirmed Ben's plans of being a fireman when he grows up- they get to sleep at work and play with big trucks!!


Nick was definitely intrigued with the ladders and REALLY wanted them to pull the truck out and put the ladder up all the way so that he could climb on it.


Once the carseats were all hooked up and ready to go we headed across the street to our local ice cream parlor for a quick snack.  The kids were the hit of Mooresville Ice Cream in their red firefighter hats!!


Our crew is much more comfortable now that their new seats are in the van.  Christopher and Nicholas are both in the Diono Monterey Booster while Ben and Lexie are in the Diono Radian RXT.  I cannot say enough good things about the Diono carseats/boosters-- they are amazing!!

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