Tuesday, November 6, 2012

back to school

Back to school is always a busy time  in our house-- especially considering that ALL FOUR would be going to school this year.  In addition to the usual shopping for school supplies and clothes that happens every year, Christopher participated in laptop orientation.  His school district provides laptops for all of the kids from 4th-12th grade and requires a session before the first day of school to go over the rules and regulations (don't use near water, don't share your laptop, etc).  Once we had everything together it was time for school!!

Laptop orientation was a success- Christopher and his Mac Book Air

Christopher Back to School
Christopher. 9 years old. 4th Grade

Nick Back to School
Nicholas. 7 years old. 2nd Grade

Ben Back to School
Benjamin. 5 years old. Kindergarten

Lexie Back to School
Lexie. 4 years old. Pre-Kindergarten

Yummy treat after the first day!!


  1. I like that Christopher is taking paper towels and Lysol wipes to school... :)

  2. Yeah - school supplies sure have changed since you guys were in grade school! Love the pics!


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