Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The weekend of Nick's birthday (Feb 17) we had a chance of snow.  The kids had been waiting for snow all winter- especially since we didn't get any last winter.  Christopher and Nicholas still remember living in Colorado and having lots of snow every year so living in North Carolina the past four years has been a bit of an adjustment for them.  Saturday, we woke up to a very overcast and chilly day and a chance of snow in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, Jacob wasn't going to be home from work until Sunday, so the kids were a little bit bummed that he was going to miss our only snow of the season.

Ribbet collage
Just starting to snow

We had just headed outside to play and Daddy drove up!!  What a great birthday surprise for Nick!!

Ribbet collage
Snowball fight :)

snow fun
Sweet snow girl and snow angel

All the kids in the neighborhood came out to play.

Snowball fight with the neighbors

Even the dogs came out to play!!

Christopher thought it would be hilarious to smash a snowball in his face!

snow puppies
Daisy and Zoe relaxing on the front porch after playing in the snow.

After playing in the snow for a couple hours we headed back inside for warm showers and then enjoyed Chinese take out by the fire.  It was a fantastic snow day!


  1. That is SO fun! We haven't gotten snow in Austin since the first year we moved here. My kids would have LOVED your snow day.

    1. I think everyone needs at least one snow day a year! :)

  2. The last pic is awesome!!! How did you get that one? And I agree with everyone needing at least one snow day a year!!


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