Tuesday, December 31, 2013

oh christmas tree

Since we still had family in town from Thanksgiving and also had a three week old baby to deal with, we decided not to go up to the mountains to cut down a Christmas tree this year.  So on Black Friday, instead of shopping, we headed to our local farmer's market to pick out a tree.  They received a load of fresh cut trees that morning so we had quite a few to choose from!  After getting talked out of the most amazing 12-foot tree (we have 9-foot ceilings) we settled on a beautiful 9-foot one!

tree shopping
4/5 of the Albaeck cuties!

albaeck kids
Posing for pictures while searching for the perfect tree

loving on ellie
Snuggling Miss Ellie

undoing the tree
Once we picked out the tree and got it loaded up, it was time to bring it home and get it all put together.  The guys got it into the house and opened up so that the branches could fall a bit before decorating.

christmas jammies
All five Albaeck sweethearts in their new Christmas jammies!

new ornaments
The kids hung up their ornaments from Grandma and Grandpa but we had to finish decorating the tree the next day.

grandma's girls
Lexie is so excited to have a baby sister-- she wanted a picture of just the two of them!  And Grandma with her girls!  :)

decorating the tree
Finally it was time to decorate the tree with all of our ornaments.  We only got up about half of them this year before the tree was too full-- maybe next year we need two trees??

christmas house
Our house is ready for Christmas!!

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  1. What a fun time we had at your house! Can't wait to do it again!!!


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