Friday, January 31, 2014

january 2014

2 months old
Our sweet little Ellie bug turned two months old this month.  She started smiling more, sleeping more at night (only getting up once!!), and growing into her sweet, little personality.

boys bowling
We found a great Groupon for the local bowling alley so we packed up all the kids and headed out for some fun!  Even though we don't bowl as often as they would like to, they still get a bit better every time we go!

lexie bowling
I think all of her practice with Wii Bowling is really paying off.

snow begins
We had our first snow this winter and the kids were SOOO excited!!  As soon as it started sticking to the ground they wanted to bundle up and go play in it.

snow angels
They made snow angels on the driveway because the snow was accumulating better there than on the grass.

Sweet boys-- one eating snow and one perfecting a snowball

fun in the snow
After a quick snowball fight and chasing the dog around the yard, Ben decided it was time to try and play hockey on the driveway.  He's bummed that we don't have a rink nearby so that he can follow in Dad's footsteps so driveway hockey will have to suffice.

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