Friday, February 28, 2014

february 2014

three months
Ellie turned three months-- she's our smiley, squirmy little bug :)

snow cream and puppy
The kids- and pup- were excited for our second snow day of the year!  We put bowls outside to catch the falling snow for a snack.

snow falling and snow cream
Starting to get some good accumulation!!  We made snow cream with the snow from our backyard.  Snow cream is a mixture of snow, sugar, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk-- and it's delicious!!

snow fun
After our snow cream snack the kids headed out back to play in the snow.

snowball fight
The plus to having so many siblings is that it's easy to have a snowball fight!

ben and nick
But it's nice to play alone sometimes, too.

all the kids
All the kids!  The big kids had fun playing out back while Miss Ellie stayed warm by the fire.

snow falling
When we woke up the next morning, the snow was still falling!!

The swingset out back had icicles.

snow angels
The kids got bundled up and went out front to play.  Snow angels were the first order of business!

lexie and ben
Sweet, snowy faces

It's time for another snowball fight!!

Snowman fun.  All the kids wanted to build a snowman-- we even acquired some neighbor kids that wanted to help.

Nick, Ben and Lexie with their snowmen

chris and ben
Christopher built one snowman with his friends and then started on another one with Ben.

ben's fort
After Ben built his Fire "Snow"Man, he set to work building a snow fort.

By the end of the day, most of the snow had melted and we were treated to the most beautiful full moon.

nick's cake
We celebrated Nick's 9th birthday with a delicious red velvet-brownie cake.

birthday boy
The birthday boy was excited about his balloons and his delicious cake!!

nick and ellie
Time for presents!!  And who can resist those baby blues??

We got a jumper for Ellie and she absolutely loves it!!  And Nick loves playing with her while she's in it.

daddy daughter dance
Lexie and Jacob were able to attend the Daddy-Daughter Dance at Lexie's school this year.  Lexie was so excited to get a chance to dress up and go out just the two of them.  They danced the night away and came home exhausted!!

nick's rollerblades
Nick used his birthday money to get rollerblades.  He was a bit nervous at first but by the end of the weekend he perfected falling down!  :)  It only took another day or so to get confident staying up and now he can rollerblade like a pro!

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