Wednesday, April 30, 2014

april 2014 insta update

april insta love one
(1) Delicious lunch at Cantina 1511  (2) Can't leave South Charlotte without stopping for coffee  (3&4) Can't believe this sweetheart is FIVE months old already
(5) Morning snuggles  (6) Wing night at Prosciutto's  (7) Thanks for cleaning all the wing bones, Ben (8) Excited to try her new skates
(9) Sweet girl  (10) Fajita night!  (11) One in her mouth and one in her hand  (12) Chicago, Firecracker and Carolina dogs
(13) Let's get this party (RRES Award Assembly) started!  (14) Looks like the Easter Bunny came!  (15) Easter breakfast  (16) Happy Easter from the sweetest little bunny!

april insta love two
(1) Fun at the lake  (2) Snoozin' through our "hike"  (3) First time in a swing at the park
(4) Powering up a nuclear power plant  (5) Fish and Chips  (6) Ben at Big Ben's
(7) Popsicles from King of Pops for dessert!!  (8) Smiley girls  (9) Quick lunch

april insta love three
(1) Helping make avalanche bars  (2) Avalanche bars are done.... And delish!!  (3) Watching cartoons with the big kids
(4) Fun in the sprinklers  (5)  Watching the big kids play outside  (6) Ben's birthday burrito
(7) Birthday fun  (8) Snuggly baby  (9) Belated birthday lunch with Ben at school

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