Thursday, July 31, 2014

july 2014 insta update

july insta love one
(1) Having fun during swimming lessons  (2) Practicing standing  (3) Happy 4th from the sweetest firecracker ever!!
(4) Fireworks out front  (5) Color coordinating with Bryn (she, and her parents, came to stay with us for the weekend!)  (6) Ice cream with sprinkles
(7) First time in the pool-- I think she liked it!  (8) Fun in the sun  (9) 6/15 of the Bragg Pack

july insta love two
(1) Quick lunch on the way to camp  (2) Ready for a week of fun!  (3) We stopped for a faaaaaaancy snack on the way home!
(4) Ice cream round two while we wait for Dad to come pick us-- car trouble :(  (5) Working on backstroke this week  (6)  Lost another tooth!
(7) Starting our morning off right-- watching the Lego Movie.  Again.  (8) Taco Tuesday... On Wednesday!  (9) They're loving having a truck this week while the van is in the shop!

july insta love three
(1) Late night Friends watching  (2) Waffles for breakfast  (3) Mmmmm.... Finally found it here
(4) Hot dog deliciousness at JJ's Red Hots  (5) The one thing Ben wanted to do while the big boys were at camp was go to TCBY  (6) Can't eat at JJ's without stopping at King of Pops after!
(7) It's 7-11 (and a sugar overload day)!  (8) More waffles  (9) Biggest private residence in the US-- kids are ready to move in!

july insta love four
(1) Giant sunflowers  (2) Taco night at White Duck Taco Shop  (3) Little Southern girl
(4) Graffiti for Grandma  (5) Breakfast while Dad's at his dr's appointment  (6) So happy when she gets up in the morning
(7) She's soon happy that Grandpa came to visit!  (8) Maybe Grandpa is a fun toy after all!  (9) Post BBQ bath

july insta love five
(1) Playing Disney's Think Fast with Grandpa  (2) Tasty treat  (3) Having fun at the Charlotte Knights game!
(4) Enjoying the fries more than the game  (5) Guess she really wants my coffee!  (6) Our "Coke family" minus Ellie (and with "Alex" instead of "Lexie")
(7) Excited for her first trip to the movies!  (8) It's Waffle Cone Wednesday!  (9) Grandma, I'm trying to call you, but it just won't go through.  I miss you!

july insta love six
(1) I see you!  (2) It's so sad when the binkie is on the floor and you're stuck in the crib.  (3) Swimming sweetie
(4) Had an awesome day with these girls: Sake, shopping, cheesecake!  (5) Playtime  (6) She cannot possible be standing in her crib yet. :(
(7) Enjoying a "fall" snack on an almost fall-like day!  (8) First time in a car cart!  (9) Poor Joe, he fell out of a tree


  1. Doing a post like this to help fill in gaps from lack of blogging time is a great idea! So fun to see the peak into your month!

    1. Thanks, Pheobe! I find that I take pics with my phone of all the "little" stuff we do and I don't pull out the big camera unless I'm taking a lot of pictures or we actually go somewhere. This way, people can see the little stuff, too! :)


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