Sunday, August 31, 2014

atlantic beach day two

After our fun at the Pirate Invasion, we headed back to Atlantic Beach.  One of Ben's favorite parts of the whole trip was going from the mainland to Atlantic Beach (which is on a barrier island) via the Atlantic Beach Causeway (which I sadly did not get a picture of).  We stopped by a local surf shop and rented a surfboard for the day and bought a couple of boogie boards to use.

back to the beach
The boys headed out with their boards.

fine for awhile
Ellie spent most of the afternoon in her stroller under the umbrella.  She was fine for awhile, and then was most definitely NOT fine!

enjoying the water more
Lexie was much more adventurous the second day and even got in the waves by herself!

boogie boardin'. runnin' from waves. surfin'

All of the boys tried out the surf board though some had better luck than others.

sandy butt
Sandy butt :)

Nick came up to play with Lexie in the sand.

As the tide was coming in, it created a sandbar and trough and kept Lexie entertained for hours!  She could sit in water and not have to worry about the waves crashing into her-- Win-Win!

nick surfboard
Nick was quite the little surfer.  While he couldn't always get up on the surfboard, he tried over and over and over.

surfer and the fish
Ben had fun pretending to surf in the trough but never made it up when he was out in the waves.  After his turn surfing, Nick turned into a little fish and spent hours swimming in the waves.

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