Tuesday, September 30, 2014

disney day six- animal kingdom and magic kingdom

kilimanjaro safari
We started our day at Animal Kingdom (rope drop, again, of course!) with the Kilimanjaro Safari.

My favorite part of doing the safari first thing in the morning is that all of the animals are out

kali river rapids
We did Kali River Rapids and Grandma got SOAKED!!

expedition everest
Expedition Everest was one of the favorite rides at Animal Kingdom.  The big boys even used the single rider line so that they could go while we child-swapped Ellie.

waiting at ee
The big drop on Expedition Everest.  Jacob and Lexie waiting to go on EE again.

triceratops spin
Lexie convinced Grandpa to go on Triceratops Spin with her!!

mickey ice cream
On our way out of AK we stopped for Mickey ice cream bars-- a delicious treat on a hot afternoon (Who am I kidding?  They're a delicious treat on ANY afternoon!)

magic kingdom
We left Animal Kingdom in the afternoon and headed over to the Magic Kingdom for the evening.

halloween decor
The Halloween touches in the park were amazing!

plaza inn ice cream
We went to the Plaza Restaurant for dinner.  The kids were excited because ice cream was included with dinner which meant that the adults HAD to order some, too!

cinderella castle
After dinner we staked out spots on Main Street for the Electrical Parade and fireworks.  We had a great view of the castle!

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!  The Magic Kingdom proudly presents our spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination.  In thousands off sparkling lights, and electro-synths-magnetic musical sounds: The Main Street Electrical Parade!"

spinning turtles
The spinning turtles have always been one of my favorites.

Tinkerbell.  Puff, the magic dragon.  Alice.  Cinderella.

After the parade, we waited a bit and then were treated to Wishes: A Nighttime Spectacular and it did not disappoint!!

fireworks over the castle
The fireworks were a fantastic way to wrap up another magical day at Walt Disney World.

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