Sunday, November 30, 2014

girls trip to arizona

My younger sister Janne (and her husband Adam) had their first baby in early November; a sweet girl, Hannah Beckett.  Since we live on opposite coasts we were not able to be there for the birth but my amazing parents flew the girls and I out for a long weekend to surprise my sister a couple of weeks after Hannah was born. The boys stayed home and had fun "boys only" adventures with Jacob (like staying up all night watching all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) while the girls and I were gone.

fun at the uso
After making it through security (which was not as bad as I was expecting), the girls and I headed to the USO for breakfast and a place to relax.  Lexie had an assortment of breakfast foods and Ellie enjoyed playing with all of the toys.

leaving on a jet plane
In our seats, ready to go!  This was the first time on an airplane for both of them and they both did great!  I have a feeling Lexie will never want to sit in "second class" now that she has experienced first.

We had a delicious lunch during our flight.  Lexie loved that she got to drink out of a glass cup since she rarely gets to at home.  I loved drinking out of a glass cup too-- especially since it was full of wine!

sleeping and playing
After lunch, Ellie took a nap and Lexie played with her DS and colored.  Before we knew it, it was time to land in the valley of the sun.

My mom picked us up at the airport (the girls were VERY excited to see her!) and we went to Chick-Fil-A for a quick snack.  Let me tell you, it was hard to not eat at In-N-Out instead, but I promised....  She told Janne that she wanted to stop by to see sweet Hannah as an excuse to bring us all over.

We let Lexie lead and Janne was SHOCKED!  We spent the rest of the day playing with sweet Hannah at Janne's house, then at Starbucks, and then at Target!  

girls at grandma's
We haven't been back to Arizona since we moved to North Carolina almost six years ago.  The last time Lexie was there was for her first birthday.  Even though she had no actual memories of Grandma and Grandpa's house, she did know they had a pool and swimming was the first thing she wanted to do.  Since it was November and cold (by Arizona standards at least), I told her she had to stay on the top step but she could put her feet in.  Ellie loved the swing on their back patio-- all of our kids have enjoyed this swing at some point during their babyhood.

washing pretty
Grandma washed Lexie's "Pretty" since she got dirty on the flight.  Luckily she had another one to keep her company while the big one was drying.

dinner with the macculloch's
The girls and I met up with Jacob's sister, Bethany, and her family for dinner while we were in town.  The girls had fun playing with all of their boy cousins and Auntie Beth loved having a little girl to hold!

piano fun
Another highlight for the girls was the piano.  Even though I requested a piano MANY times as a child, it wasn't until Janne and I were out of the house that one found its way in.

Lexie and Ellie played it EVERY night for as long as the adults could stand the "music"

Lexie finally convinced Grandma that it was warm enough to strip down to underwear and play in the pool but she was told to stay on the steps because no one wanted to jump into 60 degree water and save her.  I got to snuggle sweet Hannah while Lexie played.  :)

the girls
Pictures of all the girls (minus Janne-- not sure why no one thought to include her....)  Ellie was very unsure of Hannah at first but then warmed up to her and liked to pat her.  Lexie is an old pro at holding babies now!

playtime with hannah
Ellie playing with Hannah-- and getting in trouble for pinching her toes!

breakfast with auntie janne
Before our flight back to North Carolina, we went to Liberty Market for bacon pancakes.  Ellie sat with Auntie Janne while we waited for our food.

downtown gilbert
We had some time to kill before leaving for the airport so we wandered around downtown Gilbert.

girls and grandma
Silly and sweet faces with Grandma.

fun with grandpa
Ellie had fun playing with Grandpa!

flight home
All too soon we were back on the airplane and headed home.  It was a great trip for the girls and amazing being able to see Janne as a mom and meet sweet Hannah.  Can't wait to go back again soon!

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