Sunday, November 30, 2014

november insta update

november insta love one
(1) Ready for her party!  (2) Can't believe she's almost one  (3) Most delicous birthday cake ever
(4) Cake is delicious!!  (5) All bundled up and watching the big kids play outside  (6) Loving the swing from Grandma and Grandpa
(7) Delicious frittata from our neighbors  (8) Extra snuggles the night before her first birthday  (9) Ellie is ONE!

november insta love two
(1) Birthday dirt sundae from Bad Daddy's Burger Bar  (2) Late night snacks-- she's a popcorn thief  (3) Pedicure with Lexie before our trip
(4) My fave Vet at our fave pizza place on Veteran's Day  (5) Breakfast and playtime at the USO  (6) One was excited to fly, the other not so much!
(7) Just the girls on this trip  (8) Lunch on the flight  (9) Snoozin' through the flight
november insta love three
(1) Made it to AZ to snuggle my newest niece  (2) Hannah's first trip to Target  (3) Turkey baby :)
(4) Soooo happy to see Grandpa!!  (5) Checking out the pool  (6) Excited for her first trip to Frost- and they made her a smiley face gelato
(7) Dinner with the AZ cousins  (8) My beloved vanilla tea latte  (9) Sweet Hannah

november insta love four
(1) Ellie loving on Hannah  (2) Lexie was so excited to get to hold sweet Hannah  (3) Ready for breakfast at Liberty Market
(4) Bacon pancakes.  It's what's for breakfast  (5) So sad to be saying goodbye to Grandpa  (6) Playing with the fountains
(7) Lexie loves snuggling her new cousin, Hannah  (8) Snack time before boarding our flight home  (9) She's been playing with Lexie's bag and chapsticks for a half hour.  Good thing her big sister is so understanding!!

november insta love five
(1) Flowers from the hubby  (2) Starting our Thanksgiving off right- watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!  (3) So thankful for these little turkeys
(4) Cutest little olive thief  (5) The littlest turkey is awake and ready for fun!  (6) Sloppy baby kisses are the best
(7) Christmas tree cutting time!  (8) Warming up with some hot chocolate  (9) Peruvian for dinner and then we went home to watch "Christmas with the Cranks"

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