Wednesday, December 31, 2014

riverbanks zoo and goodbyes

Since we bought a membership, we took Grandma and Grandpa down to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC while they were in town.  We introduced them to Cook-Out, a local burger chain, for lunch before heading into the zoo.

birds at riverbanks zoo
The kids loved the "Feed the Birds" exhibit

riverbanks zoo
The lions were napping in the sun-- Ben tried his best to wake them up and get a roar, but no luck.  The kids wanted another picture on the monkey statue-- they had fun climbing all over it!

ellie and the flamingos
Ellie loved looking at the flamingos--she kept trying to call them over to her.

The kids really liked the penguin exhibit.  I know I could spend all day watching penguins so I'm not at all surprised!

elephant. gorilla. giraffe
Elephant. Gorilla. Giraffe.

ropes one
We weren't able to do the ropes course the last time we were at the zoo so we made sure to leave enough time for it on this trip.  Lexie went up with Grandpa but didn't like it after the second level so she got down.

ropes two
The boys loved it though!!

ropes three
They would have climbed around all day if there had been time.

ben on the ropes course
Ben's sense of balance was really impressive!  He could make it across narrow planks easily and quickly made it up to the top level.

The snow was falling on our way out of the zoo so we stopped to enjoy the many faces of Ellie's excitement.

We had a great time at the zoo-- while it's not as big as the NC Zoo in Asheboro, the smaller size means it is easy to see everything in a day.  I'm sure we'll be back again soon!  We stopped for a delicious dinner at 521 BBQ on the outskirts of Charlotte before making it home.

fun before the grandparents leave
The next morning, the kids had fun playing outside before Grandma and Grandpa had to head to the airport.  Even Ellie was sad to see them go!!

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