Tuesday, May 26, 2015

roasting dogs and mallows

We've been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and have been spending a lot of time playing outside.  The kids love it when we make a fire- especially since it usually means they're getting hotdogs for dinner and s'mores for dessert!  I know that all too soon it will be too hot and humid to be outside for more than five minutes so we're really enjoying it while we can.

ben and lexie
These two love to play together-- I swear, Lexie thinks she's "one of the boys" (at least until she gets hurt)!

new water table
We brought Ellie's sand and water table out (though it just has water for now) and she was so excited to have something that she could play with.

backyard bbq
Then the big kids took over the table-- they put her in the swing and were nice enough to push her occasionally while they played with her toys.  We made hotdogs for dinner and Jacob got a much needed chance to relax.

ellie and nick
Ellie LOVES playing with Nick-- he's definitely one of her most favorite people in the world.

marshmallow lover
Marshmallow lover.

making s'mores
Making s'mores

S'mores deliciousness :)

cruising around the yard
Now that she's figured out how to walk, Ellie loves going on walks with Ben around our backyard.

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