Saturday, June 27, 2015

road trip day eighteen: a slo kind of day

ice cream with grandma robin
We met up with Jacob's mom and little brother, Abe, for lunch and ice cream in their new home- San Luis Obispo (SLO).  They introduced us to Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab for a tasty afternoon treat!

ice cream kids
It was nice being able to sit outside and enjoy downtown SLO while we ate our ice cream.

bubble gum alley
We walked over to Bubblegum Alley-- a disgusting landmark that Nick had been talking about for months.  Abe was excited to show off the bubblegum that he already put up on the wall.  He added the "B" this time and Jacob added the "E" for him.

bubble gum for days
Bubblegum Alley- Over fifty years worth of gum.

Miles Driven Day Eighteen: 375
Total Trip Miles: 3094

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