Friday, July 31, 2015

christmas in july

christmas in july coookies
As a fun new family tradition this year we celebrated Christmas in July.  On Christmas in July "Eve", we decorated Christmas cookies.

sprinkle sweetie
Ellie got in on the fun too and ate piles of sprinkles.

We didn't do all of the shapes that we normally do at Christmas but the kids (and adults!) had fun with the red, green and white frosting and seemingly endless sprinkle choices.

finished product
The finished product :)

cookie deliciousness
The kids definitely loved eating their creations!!

christmas in july presents
After our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of pizza and watching a Christmas movie, the kids each got to open one present.  Even though they were just random things that I'd picked up throughout the year from clearance racks at Target, they were each surprised and excited about their gift.

new toy
Ellie was in bed when we did presents and didn't get to open her gift until the next day and she spent all morning playing with her new ball popper.

I'm so glad that we decided to celebrate Christmas in July this year.  I love the kind of traditions that don't really cost anything extra but leave you with great memories and something to look forward to for the coming year.


  1. I love this tradition! I may do it next year with just dad and me ;-)!

    1. You should!! I think Dad would enjoy it-- you know he likes cookies and presents!!


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