Saturday, July 4, 2015

road trip day twenty five: fourth of july

swimming with dad
We spent the 4th of July in the pool.

getting in
Ellie had a blast having Jacob pull her into the water.

getting daddy wet
And then figured out that if she kicked her feet while he was getting her that she could get his face all wet.

So he decided to let her go all the way under.

fun with dad
Luckily she thought that was pretty funny and wanted him to do it again and again.

pool fun
The other sweethearts swam too-- they wanted to get in as much swimming time as possible before we left the next day.

One of the best things about swimming at Grandma's house is she makes delicious pool snacks!  We spent the afternoon doing crazy jumps and playing with the diving sticks.

fun in the sun
Once Grandpa got in the pool it was time for flips!  Ellie stayed out of the way in her float and enjoyed watching everyone else.

hannah and adam
Auntie Janne and Uncle Adam came over with Hannah and joined us in the pool.  Hannah is such a sweet water baby!!

ellie and hannah
Hannah and Ellie wore the same shirt and were (unplanned) twins for the 4th!  After a long day of swimming they were happy to play in the house.

Playtime while we watched the fireworks shows in NYC and Washington DC on TV.

fireworks fun
We wrapped up our fun 4th with fireworks out front with the neighbors!

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