Friday, June 19, 2015

road trip day ten: playing with hannah and organ stop pizza

playtime and frost
Hannah came over to play for a bit while Auntie Janne went to meetings.  Even though she's a year younger than Ellie they're REALLLY close to the same size.  After Auntie Janne got her work done, we made a quick run to Frost for an afternoon snack!

feeding hannahBen and Lexie were excited to help feed Hannah.  Ellie doesn't get bottles anymore and I think the big kids miss it more than she does.

organ stop
After an afternoon of swimming, the whole family headed to Organ Stop Pizza for a fun dinner.  Janne and I grew up going there so it was fun to share the excitement with all the kids- where else can you combine the world's largest Wurlitzer organ and delicious pizza?!

Ellie was totally entranced during the sets-- she especially loved the bubbles!

It's fun to dance when you know the song!

And fun to dance even if you don't!

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