Sunday, March 27, 2016

happy easter!

the purple egg
We let Ellie dye Easter eggs with the big kids this year.  Putting the egg in a whisk worked great!

easter egg girls
Easter egg girls :)

egg decoratingThe big kids liked using the whisks, too!

easter morning
On Easter morning, every one slept in and we made our way downstairs at about eight.  Jacob and I always go down first to get breakfast in the oven and the coffee going and that way, we can take pictures of all the kids coming down the stairs.

easter baskets
Easter basket fun!

sunglasses and chocolate
The sunglasses and chocolate were the hit of Ellie's Easter basket!

the hunt is on
The big kids let Ellie look for eggs by herself for the first few minutes and once she got the hang of it, they joined in.

So excited to find eggies!!!

finding eggs
Egg hunters :)

candy thief and the kids
Once all of the eggs were found, Ellie tried taking them out of other people's baskets.

candy loverLittle candy lover.

sweet sisters
Sweet matching sisters.

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