Thursday, March 31, 2016

march insta update

march insta love one
(1) I could watch her sleep for days  (2) Excited for lunch  (3) Cupcake deliciousness!
(4) I've got a cookie!  (5) Surprise flurries this afternoon!  (6) So excited for Lexie's early birthday cake!
(7) (Early) birthday girl and her cake!  (8) Doing some (early) birthday shopping!  (9) Lunch time!

march insta love two
(1) Best. Surprise. Ever.  (2) Sweet matching cousins  (3) Best friends out for a drive  (4) We drove to SC to see the Peachoid!
(5) Southern girl with her Sundrop slushie  (6) Hot fudge sundae  (7) So sad to say goodbye :(  (8) We voted!
(9) Lunch with the birthday girl  (10) Stuck around for Ben's lunch, too  (11) Ellie wanted to stay with Ben's class  (12) Pizza and movie night

march insta love three
(1) Birthday girl and her birthday waffle  (2)  Ellie loves her Legos- especially these two that she named Ellie and Hannah
(3) First day of Spring free ice!  (4) Cheesy roll-ups for the birthday girl
(5) Happy birthday to the EIGHT year old!  (6) Birthday surprise from her BFF  (7) Spring ball begins....  (8) Spring has sprung!
(9) Season pass preview night and our first stop was dinner  (10) Ready to shoot some plants... Or zombies...
(11) Midnight visitor for "guggles" and "cookie doughs"  (12) Dyeing Easter eggs

march insta love four
(1) Some"bunny" stopped at our house!  (2) Easter breakfast  (3) Breakfast before Carowinds
(4) Headed into the sky  (5) They were so excited to find out that Carowinds has a Panda Express  (6) Such a fun day
(7) Donuts for breakfast and custard for dessert!  (8) Fun day at the zoo with all these crazy kids!  (9) Perfect dinner after a long day at the zoo

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