Saturday, June 11, 2016

road trip day four: roswell and white sands

Day Four started with a last-minute detour to Roswell NM to check out the International UFO Museum.  The kids thought all of the aliens (and alien decor) around Roswell were pretty funny. 👽👽
June 11, 2016 - Roswell NM - State #8 - 1573 miles

internainal ufo museum
The International Spy Museum was a fun stop and we learned all about the "history" of the Roswell Incident.

white sands!
After Roswell, we made our way to Alamogordo and got everything unpacked at the hotel and then headed to White Sands National Monument.  It was one of our favorite stops on our 2015 trip and we all wanted to go back!
June 11, 2016 - White Sands NM - State #8 - 1710 miles

lexie sledding
The first stop was the visitors center to rent a couple of saucers and then the kids took to the dunes for some sand sledding.... and rolling.

ben sledding
Ben sledding!

ellie sledding
Ellie wanted to try sledding so Jacob put her on and pushed her down the hill.  As soon as she started, I could see the terror in her eyes and let go of the camera so that I could catch her-- she did NOT go again.

nick and ben
Sweet, sandy boys

christopher sledding
Christopher LOVED sledding-- I LOVE the look of pure joy on his face!

nick sledding
Nick sledding :)

desert beauty
While I'm not normally a fan of the desert, there is something about White Sands that I just cannot get enough of-- it is one of my favorite places in the country.

the yucca
Especially the yucca.  LOVE the yuccas in White Sands.

dried flowers
We missed peak blooms by a couple of months but even the old, dead flowers are beautiful in their own way.

sunset stroll
After sledding for awhile, we met up with the park ranger for the nightly sunset stroll through the dunes.

love those yuccas
A yucca with blooms!

We really enjoyed the sunset stroll and learned all about the ecosystem of the dunes-- Ellie did NOT enjoy it and wanted nothing to do with the sand.


These boys are getting so grown up.

setting sun
The sun setting over White Sands-- unfortunately it was really overcast so the sunset wasn't as explosive as pictures I've seen, but it was beautiful.

christopher and ellie
Christopher wanted pictures of just him with Ellie.  She wasn't happy about it at first but then a moth landed on the camera and proceeded to fly around my head for awhile and she thought it was hilarious.  I'll take it!

the kids
The Albaeck sweethearts

I wanted to try and get a picture of Ellie standing in the sand but she wanted NOTHING to do with cooperating!

end of the nightAfter the sun officially set, we were told we needed to make our way back to the car and leave the park but I stopped to take a few more pictures.

goodnight white sands
Goodnight, White Sands!

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