Sunday, July 10, 2016

road trip day thirty three: organ stop and snow

organ stop
For dinner on our last night in Arizona we headed back to Organ Stop Pizza for their Christmas in July celebration.

Dancing :)

Not your typical organ music!!

After a delicious dinner, we stopped by Bahama Bucks for a quick snack and realized that they sell snowballs!  We bought a cooler full of snowballs and headed back to the house for a snowball fight, in Arizona, in July!

snowball fight
The kids had a blast having a summer snowball fight...

snow everywhere
They thought it was fun to gang up on Ellie...

so much fun
... but once she started targeting Hannah, they attacked each other instead.

baby snowball
Sweet girl and her baby snowball.  This was such a fun way to end our time in Arizona this year.


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