Monday, August 8, 2016

atlantic beach day one

beach life
After a relaxing morning and a quick stop at Michaelangelo's to pick up subs for lunch, we made our way outside to the beach.  Ellie didn't want to get sand on her feet but was happy to play in it from the safety of my chair.


red bucket
After struggling to play from the chair, she finally got down and played in the sand.

yellow cup
She had a blast filling up her yellow cup and dumping it out over and over and over.

sweet girl
Such a sweetheart!

ellie in the water
We finally convinced her to go in the water!!

ellie and daddy
After getting hit by a big wave she didn't want to stand in the water anymore but was fine as long as Jacob held her.

shovel and pail
And then it was back to the sand to play with her toys.

Playing with dad and toes in the sand.

leg hugger
She finally decided to stand in the water again, but only if they didn't go out too far, and she had a death grip on Jacob the whole time!

finding shells
Running from the waves and looking for shells.

under the pier
Such silliness from this one!!

beach food
After having our fill of sand "coffee" we headed back inside to get cleaned up and went to Dank Burrito for dinner.  What started as an award winning food truck, evolved into a restaurant location in Morehead City with quite a following- and understandably so!!

View from our room.

beach views
Beach views-- I could get used to this!

End of the day.  I love how different the beach looks as the sun sets.

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