Sunday, August 14, 2016

drive to huntsville and the us space and rocket center

driving food
Continuing with our busy summer trend, the kids got home from camp on Friday and we loaded up the car on Saturday morning to drive to Huntsville, AL to drop Nick off for a week at Space Camp!  We stopped for lunch at Sweet P's BBQ (our go-to spot in Knoxville, TN) and tried Pieology (the kids LOVED getting to pick their own toppings!) in Huntsville for dinner before heading to our hotel.

space and rocket center
The next morning we were up bright and early to check out the US Space and Rocket Center before dropping Nick off.

Our first stop was the Science of Archimedes exhibit which showcases the discoveries and inventions of the "Father of Modern Science"

Learning is fun!

museum fun
We made our way through the museum checking out all of the fun, interactive exhibits.  The kids really liked the simulated war game in the humvee.

Rocket Park shows how Army rocketry launched the US Space Program and the kids enjoyed walking around the replica of the moon's surface.

space stuff
The kids loved seeing all of the space memorabilia-- especially the moon rock and the Saturn V rocket!

blast off
A simulated test firing-- Ellie wasn't too thrilled with all of the noise!

The Command Module Simulator and Lunar Module Simulator (and an unhappy 2 year old!).  Astronauts used this LM to test procedures for the Apollo 13 crew to use to make it back to Earth safely.

There was a space themed play area for younger kids and Ellie appreciated having something to do that was more at her level.

space fun
We enjoyed a surprisingly good lunch and the kids LOVED the alien cups that came with theirs.

Future astronauts?

space camp
After lunch we made our way over to the Space Camp check-in area and get Nick situated.  The first stop was getting his flight suit.

habitat two
All settled in his room and ready for a week of fun!  The habitats are designed to look like the International Space Station.

Due to the drop-off time, we missed the bus tour of Marshall Space Flight Center (on Redstone Arsenal) so after we said goodbye to Nick, we drove over there to do a self-guided tour that I found online.

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