Sunday, October 2, 2016

carowinds in the fall

carowinds cutie
Since our season passes were set to expire at the end of the month, we made sure to go to Carowinds every weekend in October.  Ellie is so good at waiting patiently while the big kids go on the big rides.

riding the horsies
Especially since we ALWAYS make time to ride her beloved horsies.

balloons and intimidator
The girls (and sometimes Nick) really enjoy the balloon ride and they go if they can convince Jacob to take them.

Balloon ride fun :)

The Intimidator is always a favorite-- and Lexie is FINALLY tall enough!

Jacob and Christopher went to Scarowinds and had fun doing the haunted houses and riding coasters in the dark.

horsie time
Another weekend means back to the horsies!

fun on the balloons
And the balloon ride!

boys on the gliders
The boys enjoyed the gliders while they waited for the girls to finish the balloon ride.

back to carowinds
Another week and we were back to Carowinds for lunch and fun!

picking pumpkins
We went to the pumpkin patch and the kids all picked out a cute, little pumpkin.

ellie and her pumpkin
Sweet girl and her pumpkin :)

pumpkin kiddos
The Albaeck Five: sweet and silly.

Another trip on the carousel-- Miss Lexie was upset because the girl in front of us picked the horse she wanted.

girls and horsies
So we made sure to ride again so that she could get a turn on the pink one.

joy... sadness...
Sweet Ellie: So excited to be on the horsies, and SOOOO sad once the ride was over.

Afterburn and those crazy kids again.

boo blasters
Riding Boo Blasters.

Jacob and the boys love Nighthawk-- they're in the last row.

fury 325
Lexie was finally tall enough to ride Fury (and so excited!!) and Ellie took an afternoon nap.

Fury and Intimidator fun.

Jacob and Christopher had so much fun at Scarowinds that they decided to go again!

silly faces and lunch
We started our last trip to Carowinds with silly faces and a delicious lunch.

ellie and the horsies
And then, of course, headed to the horsies.

horsie boys
Even the boys enjoy the carousel!

pumpkin picking
We ended our Season Pass fun with more pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and LOTS of fun memories!

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