Wednesday, November 30, 2016

november insta update

november insta love one
(1) First caramel brûlée latte of the season!!  (2) Leaves are finally starting to change!
(3) I love that because of technology, even though she's 2000 miles away, Grandma can still read her a story.
(4) Snuggly sisters  (5) The night before her first, second and now, third birthday.  Can't believe how fast time flies!  (6)  She's THREE!
(7) Birthday lunch at her fave place  (8) Happy birthday, sweet girl!  (9) Get out and vote!!

november insta love two
(1) Dinner on the road.  (2) Happy to be at her fave lunch place!  (3) Such a happy red cup!
(4) Kids were excited to get peppermint mocha fraps for BOGO  (5) Surprised the kids with dinner at their FAVE place!!  (6) Just a girl and her shrimp (and steak)
(7) Ready for fun!!  (8) Kids were excited to see the gingerbread house!!  (9) My favorite veteran

november insta love three
(1) Flag retreat on Veteran's Day  (2) Caught the Festival of Fantasy parade!  (3) Our fave ride!!
(4) Cookie and cider break  (5) Love the castle covered in lights!  (6) Holiday Wishes!
(7) Hot dogs on Main Street for dinner.  (8) Love the Christmas Parade!  (9) Ended the night with a visit with Mickey!!

november insta love four
(1) They're in the front row of the Splash Zone.  (2) Shamu!!  (3) They got soaked!!
(4) Introduced the kids to Sweet Tomatoes!!  (5) Sleeping so sweetly.  (6) Ready for a day of fun!
(7) I think she's terrified of his driving skills.  (8) Nick's fave ride.  (9) Ellie is FINALLY tall enough for a "big" ride!!!

november insta love five
(1) Love the sparkly castle  (2) Our traditional ice cream on Main Street to end the night.  (3) Goodnight Magic Kingdom!
(4) Last ones out of the park!  (5) Waiting for the dolphin show.  (6) So much fun!!
(7) Ran into some crazy dinosaurs at dinner!  (8) Pin trading at Disney Springs (9) Checking out the Christmas trees!

november insta love six
(1) Wrapping up the night with Mickey ice cream bars  (2) That Mickey is almost as big as her head!!  (3) Delicious lunch on our drive back home.
(4) Love fall in NC  (5) Snoozin'  (6) 5K time
(7) Way to go, Ben!!  25:54 in his first 5K!!  (8)  Way to go, Nick!  (9) Nothing like a hot cup of hot chocolate and editing MVMCP pics to get ready for Christmas (and ready to start planning the next trip)!!

november insta love seven
(1) Kicked off the holiday week with the Mooresville Christmas Parade!!  (2) Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  (3) Even though we took a very casual approach to dinner the year, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Aunt Karen's olive plate (or her stuffing!)!
(4) Continuing the olive finger tradition.  (5) And she's out.  (6) Found the perfect tree!!
(7) Excited for the Sing premiere!  (8) Decorating the tree  (9) Christmas cuties!!

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